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Rent a car in Kutaisi at Hire-auto.biz

January 20th, 2016 World

Kutaisi is the second greatest city of Georgia, situated 220 km far from the capital Tbilisi.

As a historical motherland of the ancient district of Kolkhida, Kutaisi offers to the perspective of sightseers’ huge number of cultural heritage and the landmarks of Christianity. IF you want to Rent a car Kutaisi you can visit http://hire-auto.biz to get more detail about it.

The ancient Greek author Apollonius of Rhodes in his famous Argonautica told about the legendary excursion of Jason and Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece. He approved that the final destination of the Argonauts was exactly Kutaisi or named Aia – the kingdom of Aeete.

Between 978-1122 Kutaisi was the capital of Georgia, from the XV century and until 1810 was the capital of Imerety district. In the Soviet period it was the place with all around created industry, however after the collapse and hard time of restoration, regulated it reinstalled again as a standout amongst the most important places of the nation.

Today Kutaisi has all around created agricultural industry, famous by its vine developing, products of the soil.

The Imeretian Cuisine is famous with delectable dishes. Once degusted you will always remember the taste of the imeretian khachapuri and Ekala salad, made with nuts.