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Minister’s office caught up in probe

June 4th, 2011 Australia

Updated: 06:53, Saturday June 4, 2011

A Melbourne newspaper report says a senior adviser to Victorian Police Minister Peter Ryan has been targeted by the Office of Police Integrity as part of its investigation into Sir Ken Jones.

The Age says the adviser is a supporter of the outgoing assistant commissioner, Sir Ken, and was among a group which had hoped to persuade him to stay on with Victoria Police.

Both Premier Ted Baillieu and Mr Ryan learned of the OPI’s electronic surveillance of Sir Ken by reading newspaper reports.

Government sources have confirmed with The Age there is high level concern about the OPI investigation.

The OPI is itself under investigation by Ombudsman George Brouwer because of concerns its bugging of Sir Ken may be an abuse of powers.

Sir Ken last month announced plans to leave Victoria Police in August but days later chief commissioner Simon Overland ordered him out of the force immediately.