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How to Buy an Engagement Ring

September 20th, 2015 Bussines

So, if you’ve got determined to propose to your girlfriend — congratulations. and you have determined that rather than her selecting out the band, or coming up with one along, the foremost romantic move is to settle on it yourself. Congrats once more. you’re close to begin AN discouraging journey into the wild world of diamond choice.

Chances area unit, before you made the choice this, all engagement rings looked just about the same: A shiny rock on a fairly band that is reaching to price plenty. however if you’ve got already poked around alittle, you most likely detected that there are literally between concerning one squillion and eternity choices to settle on from — and reams of data concerning each facet of the method.

That’s why we cobbled together a “diamond engagement ring” so, how to Купить кольцо обручальное (buy an engagement ring), with only the information that you need to know.

It’s not simply a cliché: many women extremely do sit around at brunch talking concerning their fantasy band. Before you embarked on on this ring journey, young Frodo, raise your girlfriend’s uncommunicative friends for key-words concerning cut and magnificence.

You’ll conjointly wish to start the method knowing your girlfriend’s size. If you’ll borrow a hoop from her stash to require to the jewelers, great. If she’s alittle anal concerning her jewellery and should notice, use a pencil and a chunk of paper to trace the within of the ring, and convey that instead. Or, slip one on your finger and use a sharpie to mark however way down it slides. And for god’s sake, if she’s AN middle size, err big. It’s easier to size-down, and neither of you wish to agitate a mid-proposal knuckle jam.