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Granny killer says all paedophiles ‘should be shot dead’

August 4th, 2011 Australia

A BRUTAL granny killer who sexually assaulted his victim says paedophiles should be shot dead so they don’t reoffend.

should be shot deadThe man, who has been freed from jail but can’t be named, has used his Facebook page to rant about child sex offenders and to post pictures of himself wearing a “not guilty” T-shirt, the Herald Sun reported.

He was 16 when he and a friend, 15, bashed, strangled and sexually tortured great-grandmother Marie Greening Zidan in her Seaford home in 2000.

Ms Zidan’s family yesterday continued their decade-long fight to identify the two killers, who they believe still pose a risk to those unaware of their crimes.

Both are living anonymously in the community after serving sentences for manslaughter.

The man’s Facebook page nominates “true crime” books among his interests and he writes that ” … pedofiles (sic) all should be shot dead not sent to prison to do it again when (they) get out”.

The comments angered Ms Zidan’s daughter Janine Greening. She said the man, who was abused as a child, was happy to “play the victim card” when it suited him but was not sorry for his own victim.

“Yet he excuses himself for what he did? It’s disgusting,” Ms Greening told the Herald Sun.

“It’s all right for him – it’s excusable to rape someone who had nothing to do with him and kill her, but paedophiles are bad and evil. It’s calling the kettle black.”

The Director of Public Prosecutions yesterday asked the Supreme Court to lift a suppression order keeping the killers’ identities secret.

Daryl Brown, for the DPP, asked Justice Bernard Bongiorno to lift the order he made on the killers’ identities in 2001. That would clear the way for Ms Greening to ask the Children’s Court to allow the names to be published.

The Children’s Court can allow a child offender to be named under certain circumstances, but can’t do so while there is still a suppression order from another court.

The pair pleaded guilty to manslaughter after a plea deal struck by prosecutors, with each blaming the other for the death of Ms Zidan, 73.

They were given at least four years jail by Justice Bongiorno, but the term was increased to at least six after an appeal by the DPP.

The men’s lawyers told the court the suppression order should stay to allow their rehabilitation to continue.

One now lives interstate but the other has returned to the area where he killed Ms Zidan.

His victim’s family, who still lived there, said they feared seeing him and had to relocate.

Justice Bongiorno will hand down his decision at a later date.