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Farmers find decomposed body in dam at Werribee South

May 23rd, 2011 Australia

MYSTERY surrounds the discovery of a badly decomposed body inside a submerged car, found by farmers after a dam was drained today.

Farmers made the grim discovery about midday off Aviation Rd in Werribee South, after they spotted two wheels of the upended hatchback as they drained a dam for maintenance.

Werribee Acting Sgt Matt Kershaw said police had pulled the wreck from the dam, but it was so badly covered with algae it was impossible to identify the model or even colour of the car.

He said the body appeared to have been in the water for several months, and authorities had not been able to identify whether it was a man or woman.

“It’s been there for some time because the car is covered in algae,” he said.

“As you can imagine it has a fair bit of decay on it. All we can sort of tell is that it’s a hatchback, we can’t even tell the colour.”

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The body could also not be readily identified. “As you can imagine it’s been underwater for five, six months or whatever it could have been.”

Acting Sgt Kershaw said officers were in the process of cleaning the number plates to identify the car before cross-checking missing persons records and other unsolved crimes.

“The irrigation dam was being drained by farmers and they just saw two wheels popping up,” he said.

The dam is about 200m long and about 30m wide, and appeared to be about 4-5m deep, Sgt Kershaw said.

But he said early indications suggest the hatchback had been involved in a crash, with the vehicle found on its roof at the bottom of the dam and not far from the road.

“It’s probably going to be a fatal by the look of it,” Sgt Kershaw said.

Acting Sgt Kershaw said the body had been taken to an undertaker.

More updates to come.

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